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Do you have an idea for a game? Share your bright idea and help us create the world’s best play experiences for Muslim kids. Let us show you how we can bring your invention to life!


EVALUATING YOUR IDEA  We respect and understand your ideas are precious to you. Of course, submitting an idea through this website does not mean it is unique and that you have exclusive rights to the “idea” behind it, because many submitted concepts may already exist in the world or be very similar to others. But if your idea is one that we haven’t already dreamed up, we are not currently working on, and hasn’t been previously produced … then we will certainly consider it. Even if we don’t ultimately decide to use it, just make sure you keep inventing!

LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN  Watching our Muslim children learn through play gave one inventor his big idea, and that’s where our world famous Salah Matching Game was born! Inspiration is everywhere! Take inspiration from the world around you and let your imagination run wild!

CAPTURE YOUR IDEA  Don’t let that great idea escape, get it down on paper as soon as possible! So sketch, create, doodle, prototype and bring your invention to life.

FROM THE PAGE TO A PROTOTYPE  This is where it gets really exciting! We choose the absolute best ideas to be developed, and initial sketches are used to build a prototype. It’s important that all prototypes are thoroughly tested and researched to ensure that if it goes on sale. 

FEEL LIKE YOUR A PART OF THE FAMILY  It’s very important to us that our Dreamers feel happy, confident and that their ideas are respected. If you share your inventions with us, you will have our support and we will make you feel like part of the Aspire Learning Tools family.

YOUR INVENTION COMES TO LIFE  If the prototype for your idea makes it through all our testing and research then it is time to go into production! Huge volumes of the final product are made at our factory, ready to go out into stores. Your invention will soon be available to buy!

FROM A SMALL IDEA TO A TREASURED GAME  The Salah Matching Game is now a family favorite all over the world, and your invention could be too! The most rewarding part of the invention process is the knowledge that your product is loved and treasured by Muslim kids everywhere – a gift - for Eid-ul-Adha, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fiter, converts or at the top of an educators list. We create the world’s best play experiences for Muslim Kids and we want you to be part of that process.

BRING YOUR INVENTION TO LIFE  Want to see your invention up there in the Aspire Learning Tools Hall of Fame? The most famous Salah Matching Game in the world, is just one of the many inventions we have supported throughout the years. We can’t wait to hear your idea!

ARE YOU READY TO CREATE THE WORLD'S BEST PLAY EXPERIENCES FOR MUSLIM KIDS?  We have three simple steps for you to follow to make sure we have everything we need to consider your invention. See the Check List before submission.

BUT FIRST, THE FINE PRINT... First we need you to read through and agree to the submission agreement, which contains the terms and conditions that will cover the submission of your idea and our evaluation of it. Click here to see the submission terms. Feel free to consult an attorney if you don’t understand anything. Please note that due to the volume of such submissions, we cannot modify these terms and conditions. Review the Concept Disclosure Agreement and Privacy Policy. © 2018 Aspire Learning Tools, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

FILL OUT THE DREAMER QUESTIONNAIRE. Are you ready? Let us capture your invention so we can help you build the next world’s best play experiences for Muslim kids. Click on the link below and fill out the form today! -------Are