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Character Ed For Muslim Parents Part 6

Character Ed For Muslim Parents Part 6

Back to basics - Watering seeds of good character

You never outgrow the need for good character. Young people need solid standards, and so do their parents. Focusing on the quality of your own character will help you teach, reinforce, advocate and model the following:

  • Trustworthiness [add link to this article]
  • Responsibility
  • Citizenship
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Respect

These characters above including [ethical decision making] from the basis of honorable behavior at every age. It’s not easy, but with persistence and consistency, our future generation will have the best character there is. We will continue our discussion with *Respect and will continue to cover the remainder throughout the week. Here’s a simple guild on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to building amazing respect character in your Muslim child.  

But first...what is the definition of respect?

Respect means showing others that they are valued for who they are, for their character, not what they look like or what they have. It means treating others the way you want to be treated, never insulting or making fun of others who are different in appearance, ability, race or religion. A respectful person is polite, does not use hurtful language and never uses violence.

Respect Dos

  • Treat everyone with respect by being courteous and polite.
  • Respect the independence and individuality of others. Taking into account the age and maturity of a person, respect his/her right to develop decision-making competence.
  • Be tolerant and appreciative of individual differences.
  • Judge people on their merits, not on their race, religion, nationality, gender, physical or mental conditions, or social and economical status.

Respect Don’ts

  • Don’t insult, abuse, demean, mistreat or harass others.
  • Don’t make inappropriate or unwanted comments about a person’s race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Don’t manipulate or take advantage of others.

So we have covered all 6 pillars of awesome character for your Muslim child. Need a review...check out the following links bellow. Happy parenting!

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