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Celebrating Muslim Independence Day

July 4th marks the birthday of the United States. Many commemorate the occasion with fireworks, cookouts, or displaying an American flag. But are there any reasons for Muslims to celebrate Independence Day? 

Well, with our new founding freedom as Muslims we celebrate gratitude for our country's freedom to freely believe and practice our faith, Islam!

Now that's worth celebrating!

Here are 5 reasons you should take 4th Of July to the next level!  

1. Gratitude for Religious Freedom

First, America offers significant religious freedom for Muslims to freely worship Allah(s). The United States continues to operate as one of the nations offering the most religious freedom worldwide.

Did you know that more than one-fourth of the nations in the world (53) include some form of legal restrictions or prohibition toward Muslim activities? In many places across the globe, you can lose your job, be arrested, or even find yourself sentenced to death for following your faith to be a Muslim. Yet in our nation, we can attend the Masjid of our choice, openly read the Quran anywhere,  and openly pray to the one true God, Allah(s).

Despite ongoing legal challenges to certain Muslim activities in America, the nation still enjoys great religious freedom. This is certainly something to celebrate with pride.

2. Appreciation for Those Who Defend Our Freedom

Second, Muslim can thank Allah(s) for those who serve and have given their lives to defend our freedom. This includes past military veterans, current military personnel, as well as honoring their family members.

We often forget our freedom of religion and other freedoms can only continue if our armed forces protect our nation and national interests. While this does not mean we have to agree with every military decision or conflict, we can be thankful for all those who serve and their families.

3. Opportunity to Participate in Government

We can thank Allah(s) for the opportunity to participate in the democratic process of our nation. While politics is often viewed negatively, we are able to practice our right to vote and participate in upcoming elections.

August 28th, 2018 is the next primary election in Arizona! Take your Muslim children and participate in the upcoming election and vote for Deedra Abboud!

Further, our nation offers the ability to participate through voting, advocating for issues important to our values, and even options to run for political office. Contrast this situation with the tyrannical Emperor Nero who led the Roman Empire during the New Testament period and you’ll quickly appreciate the opportunity to have a voice within the political process.

4. Peace with Family, Neighbors, and Friends

We can express appreciation for a nation at peace. If you lived in Syria today, your home and community would live under the threat of civil war. In many parts of Sudan, you would live in fear of your town being attacked by rebels.

Despite significant violence within the United States, the nation remains free of war within its own borders. Most of us take this peace for granted, yet millions worldwide long for a single night of rest without fear of attack in their communities.

We can at least take a moment to thank Allah(s) for the peace He has provided for our family, our community, and nation.





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