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9 Misconceptions About Muslim Kids In The West

9 Misconceptions About Muslim Kids In The West

1) They are raised to be anti-West:

This is the most common misconception about Muslim kids that even if they are born in west, they will never be loyal and law-abiding American citizens.

A reality check will surely reveal the opposite when recently a leading News channel aired a show stating that Muslim neighborhoods in the USA have the least crime rates.

2) They Are Raised To Be Pro Violence:
Sad but true that Muslim kids are thought to be pro violence and will most likely face bullying for the same reasons at school and public places. Imagine the pressure on the child to be held responsible for something which he has not done or even does not completely understand yet.

Muslims kids live and enjoy very good relations with neighbors and people around them. The Muslim youth has lowest chances of getting in trouble. They are as friendly, tolerant and peaceful as kids could be. How can a child be violent especially when he/she follows Islam which means “PEACE”? Allah subhanu wa Taa’ lah says in the Holy Quran: (Surah Al Maidah 5:8) “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice.” Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala commands us to be just with everyone, whether Muslim or Non-Muslim. The media is to blame for creating such violent games, TV shows/movies that introduce innocent minds to such inappropriate content. Nowadays the news media  reports are so explicit that their innocent minds can easily absorb violence and make them vulnerable.

3) Muslim Kids Are Not Thinkers & Follow Islam Under Their Family’s Coercion:
Muslim kids follow the Quran & Sunnah of Islamic teachings from an early age. They may not participe during Halloween, avoid prom parties/dating and mixed gatherings between men & women. Most people think Muslim kids are forced to follow the strict rules of Islam and don’t understand or seem uninterested in following their Deen.

If that was true, then Islam would not be ranked as the fastest growing religion in the world. Also, there is no way anyone can force a child after a certain age to follow a faith he/she does not believe in. Muslim kids not only believe in Islam but they don’t compromise on their values when they have the power to make their own decisions, Have a look at this young Hijab wearing Muslim Lady Tahera Rahman all set to break this myth and is fulfilling her dreams of becoming a TV reporter in USA. She is proud to be able to fulfil her dream while not compromising on her religious beliefs. She didn’t observe Hijab because she was told to do so as a child. Rather, she understands the Hijabs benefits to her as a Muslim woman, the modesty that is added to her personality as a result. Not only are such individuals following their beliefs while balancing worldly affairs, but they are spreading the message across that religion is not an obstacle or a set of harsh rules, but a peaceful way of life.

4) They Are Backwards And Anti-modern:
Muslim Teenagers are considered backwards and lack culture when they don’t mingle and shake hands with the opposite gender, dress conservatively, or when men lower their gaze in front of women and women lower their gaze in front of men.

Muslim kids are intelligent, and history  proofs enough to acknowledge that so many inventions in Science and other fields were accomplished by Muslims. This can be understood by looking at the achievements of some of the Muslim men and women here:  Muslim Astronauts     Tahani Amer. Oh and one more thing, the next time you reach out for your Chobani yogurt, be sure to check out the Muslim Founder→  Mr. Hamdi Ulukaya.

5) All Muslim kids are Arabs:
All Muslims are thought to be Arabs since the Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and the holiest sites are mostly located in the Middle East. Some of the known landmarks in the Middle East are the holy Kaaba, Al-Masjid al-Haraam in Makkah, Masjid An- Nabawai in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Mount Arafa, Cave of Hira and many more.

Muslims live all around the world and all Arabs are not Muslims. Out of the estimated 1.8 Billion Muslims all around the world about 23% are Arabs.

6) They Don’t Believe In Jesus:
It is thought that Muslim kids are against Jesus and don’t believe in him or don’t know him.

Try asking a Muslim kid who is Jesus (Hazrat Essa Ibn Maryam Alayhis salam) and see the love and respect in his eyes and response. The Holy Quran is filled with verses about him. Muslim kids not only believe in and love The Prophet Essa Alayhee Salam, but we understand Allah’s power with the miracle of his birth. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says “The likeness of Jesus, with Allah, is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust then He said to him be, and he was.” (Surah Ale Imran Ayah 59) In Ayah 45-47 of Surah Aal Imran, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala tells Mariam Radiyallahu-Anha about the child, “whose name will be the Messiah, Eesa, the son of Mariam”. This is the name that he will be known by the believers. Messiah because will cure the sick by the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

7) They Get Married Young:
Many believe that all Muslim teens are married at a very young age and none of them are asked about their consent. They are forced to get married by their parents.

Our deen is the religion of fitrah(innate being) and lays great emphasis on the consent of the individual getting married. Marriage is considered a legal contract in Islam and a contract is essentially dependent on free consent of the parties involved. Another factor that is equally important for marriage in Islam is maturity of the individual pursuing marriage.  we conclude that a suitable age for marriage would be the time of physical and mental maturity in a person. Islam has specified the age of physical maturity, but Islam did not specify the age of mental maturity. (Allah knows best) Rather, it’s left open to the discretion of the parents and children themselves. So Muslim parents marry off their children, keeping their child’s welfare in mind while knowing they (parents or guardian) are guided with clear rules from Quran & Sunnah. There is a requirement for two witnesses from both sides which shows the importance of consent that they two individuals will see and hear everything and decide if a marriage is done in the correct manner. Here is what the Quran says about this beautiful bond of love which can’t exist unless there is consent. “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed, in that are signs for a people who give thought."(Surah Ar Rum: Ayah 21)

8) Muslim Girls Are Oppressed By Their Families:
Another myth that makes headlines is that Muslim girls are kept away from education, denied their rights, and never make a career as an adult. Muslim girls are treated as if they are inferior in Islam.

We have amazing Muslim women achievers in the fields of education, medicine, business etc all over the world. There are so many examples of Muslim females growing into leaders such as Dalia Mogahed who was one of Barack Obama’s advisors in the White house.  Ibtihaj Muhammad who is the first female Muslim American fencer making it all the way to the Olympian (2016); and winning the Olympic medalist (bronze). A Muslim girl is considered a blessing in Islam. And our prophet Muhammad ﷺ showed us how to respect all females, Muslim and Non-Muslim, by his own way of treating his wives and daughters.

9) They don’t lead normal lives.
Muslim kids don’t know how to have fun and are can be considered an outcast since Muslim teenagers don’t date, party, dance, or dress up like their peers. However, Fun and happiness are not dependent on certain activities. Muslim kids enjoy all sorts of healthy hobbies such as writing, horseback riding, reading, or working on being the next USA president! . Being different is in the eyes of the majority, as for the Muslim Kids is who they are and what they do with pride.


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