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6 Phrases You Should Never Say To Your Kids!

6 Phrases You Should Never Say To Your Kids!

As a mom of two kids, it's no picnic saying things that brings your child down.These everyday phrases may actually do more harm than good. So here are the top 6 phrases you should never say to your kids. 

1) DON'T SAY: "Practice makes perfect."
DO SAY: "Give 100%. Enjoy the process and learn from your mistakes."NOTE: Continuously encourage your child's efforts.  

2) DON'T SAY: "You're okay."
DO SAY: "That was a scary fall. Would you like a bandage & a kiss?" NOTE: Guide your child to understand & deal with their emotions.

3) DON'T SAY: "Hurry up!"     
DO SAY: "Why don't we race to see who can get there shoes on first?"NOTE: This sends a message that both of you are a team.

4) DON'T SAY: "We can't afford that."
DO SAY: "We're not going to buy that because we're saving our money for more important things." NOTE: Start introducing how to budget & manage money. 

5) DON'T SAY: "Be careful."
DO SAY: Nothing! No really...nothing!   NOTE: Your words distract him/her from what he/she is doing. If you're feeling anxious, move close being as still & quiet as you can.

6) DON'T SAY: “Let Me Help You”
​DO SAY: Ask guiding questions to help him/her solve the problem. Do you think the big piece or the little piece should go on the bottom? Why do you think that? Ok. Awesome! Let’s give it a try. 
NOTE: When your child is struggling to build a lego tower or finish a puzzle, it’s natural to want to give your child a lending hand. However, I do urge you to STOP! Just STOP! If you jump in too soon, that may undermine your child’s independence and he/she will always be looking to others for answers.



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