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4 Learning Tools Every Muslim Parent Must Be Using

4 Learning Tools Every Muslim Parent Must Be Using

As parents and educators, learning is a never-ending process. And sometimes we are bombarded by children and/or students questioning the universe and our creator. While this motivates us to learn in a new way and dive deep to gain further understanding about Islam, sometimes utilizing materials, technology, and resources at your disposal will definitely aid you to guild your child’s mindset in the right direction. So we decided to whip-up some of the best tips, and ideas out there to give you the peace of mind you need when raising your little one’s.  Here are the top 4 learning tools every Muslim parent must use regardless of age!

1) The Salah Matching Game
This isn't your typical memory card game. Oh no! The Salah Matching Game is an amazing learning tool developed by Amena Mabrouk founder of Aspire Learning Tools for Muslim kids ages 4 years and up. The intent is for Muslim kids to master the names and positions of Salah. This family driven game is easy to play for all ages. Think of it this way, a game that brings family together, stay together! How exciting! Not only at home, but during those long drives and flights too. In addition, this provides a solution for the educator in the classroom to supplement the Islamic Studies curricula with engaging interactive game play. Last but not least, new to Islam is at the forefront when it comes to Aspire Learning Tools game development. Therefore, any convert can simply pick up the Salah Matching Game and easily learn Salah position by their sight-words.

2) Islamic Books
The oldest and the most effective way known by man are books. Our creator Allah(s) sent Knowledge to the human kind (Torah, Zaboor, Injeel and the Quran) in book form. It’s a way to transcend information in a light hearted and simple way. Books can be your best friend and mentor for your Muslim kids. Books provoke curiosity and assist with your child’s literacy skills while increasing their deen and awareness about the world around them. Muslim Kids learn what a noble character looks like, insightful historical facts, and practical life skills. With that in mind, we’ve put together the best of the best with a modern twist while maintaining your Muslim child's identity.  Check out the following list:
Noorkids    Ilyas & Duck     Jannah Jewels Adventure Series    My Dad's Beard   

Muslim Child   Time to Pray   The Two Noble Scribes   

3) Family Activities At Your Local Masjid
This is one of the most overlooked resource within every Muslim community! Literally! With our busy lives, we become complacent, almost lazy to what really deserves our attention and support...our local Masjid! Our Ummah has come a long way providing Muslim Boy Scouts, women's gatherings, picnic, teen halaqa, and BBQ events as well. Our Muslim kids get the opportunity to observe and absorb the beautiful interactions between Muslim brothers and sister socializing, connecting, and learn at the same time. This is how Islamic values, manners, behaviors, and social norms are introduced growing up engaging with your local Masjid. Don’t forget to check out your Masjid today!

4) Islamic Apps
Technology can become a bane or a boon depending on the usage and approach of the user. However, with hardship comes ease and in today’s fast world, when used with good intention, technology is the ‘ease’ to provide access to Islam right at your fingertips! In all honesty, we have no excuse missing Salah, reviewing or memorizing a surah, or need a pick me up at the end of a hard day. Islamic apps are available all around the world simplify learning Quran Tajweed/Tafseer, Hadeth and Hifz easy and simple. The app allows you to look up a word in an aya, highlight and write notes, and even share the aya with loved ones. Consider this popular tool the Quran Pen which provides an excellent way for students who find it difficult to physically attend the Masjid, Islamic school, or match their busy schedules.


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