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Don't just take our word for it...

"A brilliant effort and a must have tool for all muslim households with children. my older child liked playing it with my 7 years old. While the game is a great Salah learning tool it also serves the purpose of a family friendly game that you can enjoy indoors."

"My daughter and I LOVEDDDDD the game. It really got her in the habit of making Salaah! Thank you so much, I feel like this game is very much needed in every Muslim Household! It's the perfect game to help children get into the habit of praying regularly, it's super fun! Thank you!"

"Great learning tool that brings families together. Everyone learns the more they play."

"My kids really enjoyed this game. I loved the fact that they could come together an have such a great learning experience without any pressure. My daughter's were a bit over the grade level recommendation but still enjoyed it and most importantly learned! It was also a big help to myself. Being a convert to Islam it's always helpful to have any available tools to help me learn about my religion and have a better understanding of the arabic language. I can't wait to see what's next!"

"We love this card game...It traveled from Phoenix to Holland to eventually end up in the little hands of my nephew in Belgium who will enjoy it with his mom, siblings and friends. Thank you so much..wa Jazzakilah Kheir!"

"I love to play it with my family. It's fun." 
-Zara, 6
"I really like the fact that it brings us together. I play with my 6 and 3 year old and it's truly worthwhile and meaningful, not simply fun (which it is as well). It was also very helpful for me as a convert to learn more about Salah. There is definitely something to be said about learning through play. I definitely recommend it and in fact bought some for all of my friends (as it makes a great Eid gift)."

Light. Progressive. Symbolic. Simple.

We are here improving the way you learn and experience your faith! The portable Salah Matching Game helps you keep an eye on what matters, wherever you go.

Game Specs

An up-close-and-personal look at the Salah Matching Game finest features.

Salah Matching Game
  • Portable

    Made with your lifestyle in mind. Carry your faith wherever you go.

  • Language

    Identify Salah positions by their sight-words in Arabic and English. 

  • Time

    Family. Life. Balanced. Master Salah sight-words in 15 min or less.

  • Diversity

    Representing your Muslim kids through play builds inclustion and unity.  

Meet The Salah Matching Game

Check out our new video to see how the Salah Matching Game really works. 

  • Sets up anywhere

    The Salah Matching Game takes minutes to setup. Literally. Just choose a comfortable place for play. The Salah Matching Game works in all kinds of environment, indoor and out.

  • New To Islam

    We develop games with you in mind. The Salah Matching Game is an easy and simple way for your family to come together and learn more about Salah in a fun and engaging way. 

  • Muslim Educators

    Whether it's a group activity or supplement your curriculum, we provide you with everything you need to fully furnish your classroom with amazing games for your students.

Other Benefits

WE ARE Gamified Next-Gen Learning For Muslim Kids. Our games works across the entire learning journey. Starting with experiencing, processing, generalization, and applied learning.
Experiential Learning

Act. Reflect. Conceptualize. Apply. Through play children gain deeper insight & long lasting learning. 

Talk & Listen

Active listening fosters communication, a focus on understanding content, and opens child to feedback through play. 

Applied Learning

Practice by doing through games alows positive reinforcment of Islamic content cultivating behavioral change. 

Process Learning

Engage. Explore. Explain. Through play kids identify the task and through guided practice will master content knowledge.

Improve Memory

The best brain exercise. Boost your memory and enhance children vocabulary & reading skills through play. 

Winning & Losing

Play. Reward. Having Fun. Children focus on accomplishment fostering more Islamic content retention through play.